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The mission of the Areas of Need Residency Retaining Agency, LLC is to serve as a bridge connecting qualified medical graduates with healthcare facilities, focusing on placing them in residency positions to train and provide care in underserved communities, rural areas, geographically disadvantaged communities and the Veterans Affairs . The ANRRA is collaborating with the Florida Association of Community Health Centers ( FACHC), and community hospitals to develop community-based graduate medical education programs in primary care. This strategic opportunity opens the door for qualified medical graduates to train in ACGME-accredited, community-based graduate medical education programs in primary care.

For far too long, states have trained medical graduates but lose these healthcare professionals to other states. This contributes to the shortage of primary care physicians in many rural and geographically disadvantaged communities today, and is expected to worsen if prompt solutions are not found. For qualified medical graduates who have passed all the required examinations, it is absolutely necessary to place as many of them as possible in hospitals and healthcare facilities in underserved and disadvantaged communities.

The ANRRA provides a strategic and sustainable state-by-state grassroots effort targeting, recruiting, and retaining healthcare professionals who have indicated a willingness to work in underserved and disadvantaged communities after completing their residency training in primary care. The ANRRA is steadfastly committed to fulfilling its mission and goes to great lengths to oversee the development of ACGME-accredited programs in primary care for underserved populations and disadvantaged communities. The ANRRA welcomes collaborative efforts as we embark on this extraordinary endeavor that will help improve health outcomes and quality of care and reduce the extent of mortality and morbidity in these communities.

Workforce Development

The ANRRA oversees the development of ACGME-accredited graduate medical education programs in underserved and disadvantaged communities to help train a healthcare workforce to meet the increased demand for services due to aging populations, physician shortages, and the prevalence of chronic illnesses. The geographic distribution of the healthcare workforce is a major problem in the United States. Our larger cities and surrounding suburbs typically have an adequate supply of healthcare professionals, but poorer communities, inner cities, and rural areas experience significant shortages of healthcare providers. The ANRRA focuses on these communities by helping them develop sustainable graduate medical education programs in primary care and also to retain these healthcare professionals in these communities