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Terms and Conditions


By accessing or using this website ( https://anrra.org/ ) (“Website”) and submitting your application (“Application”) , you acknowledge that you have read these Terms of Service (“Agreement”) and that you fully accept the Agreement’s terms and conditions as set out by AREAS OF NEED RESIDENCY RECRUITING AGENCY, LLC and its affiliates and related companies (“ANRRA”), which terms are as follows:

1) ANRRA provides, through the Website, the service (“Service”) of connecting qualified medical graduates to residency positions at hospitals and healthcare facilities (“Healthcare Establishment(s)”) primarily operating in and/or providing care in underserved communities, rural areas, and geographically disadvantaged communities (“Area(s) of Need”).


2) The fee for using the Service provided by ANRRA through the Website is the sum of USD$250 or such other sum as may be decided by ANRRA from time to time and duly notified though the Website (“Fee”). The Fee is non-refundable.


3) You agree that any documentation and information that is submitted in the Application may be used by ANRRA in such a manner pursuant to the Service and ANRRA shall not be subject to the return of such documents or information to you.


4) While there is no guarantee that the Application will lead to any placement or employment with any Healthcare Establishments, ANRRA shall have the absolute right to reject or cease the processing of any Application if it comes to the knowledge or attention of ANRRA that any documentation or information in the Application is false, mispresented, significantly inaccurate or misleading in any way. Should any of the foregoing arise, ANRAA shall have the right to immediately disqualify you from any medical candidacy program that is sponsored by ANRRA, inform any of the Healthcare Establishments and report the same to any applicable legal, regulatory and/or law enforcement authorities.


5) If you are selected for an interview with any Healthcare Establishment, you will be notified by email or telephone. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be personally responsible for all cost of your travel, lodging, board and meals as may arise for your attendance to the interview. You shall make such necessary arrangement to ensure due attendance at the scheduled interview. ANRRA does not participate in any interview or the selection process and shall not be responsible for any interview that may be rescheduled or cancelled or for any post interview outcome.


6) If you are selected for a position with a Healthcare Establishment , you agree to serve in any Area of Need as determined by ANRRA for a minimum duration of two (2) years.


7) For the avoidance of doubt, you agree that the Service does not in any way guarantee an interview with or your selection by the Healthcare Establishments and that the Service comprises only of ANRRA processing your application and if suitable, forwarding such Application to the appropriate Healthcare Establishments.


8) You agree that the total liability of ANRRA to you, if the same is duly established, and whether such liability arises from any contractual or non-contractual obligations or duties imposed statutorily, shall be limited to the Fee as paid by you. No liability shall subsist for any indirect or consequential losses suffered by you. Any remedy or redress arising from a liability that is claimed to be borne by ANRRA shall be initiated within one (1) year from the date the cause of action arises, failing which such action shall be permanently barred.


9) You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless ANRRA and its directors, officers, employees, and agents, from and against all third party actions, including from the Healthcare Establishments, that arises from :-

a) your use of the Service, the use of the Website and your Application; or

b) the assertion of a violation by you of any term of this Agreement; or

c) the assertion that any documentation or information submitted by you violates any law or infringes any third party right, including any intellectual property or privacy right.


10) You agree that any documentation or information that you furnish or provide to ANRRA shall not be subject to any duties of confidentiality imposed on or applicable to ANRRA. ANRRA may use such information for the purposes of the Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing ANRRA shall use its best endeavors to safeguard the confidentiality of the documentation or information furnished by you and limit the use of such documentation or information only for the purpose of the performance of the Service.


11) ANRRA reserves the right to revise, amend and modify any provisions of this Agreement at any time.


12) This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Florida, without regard to principles of conflicts of law.